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fitness and health blog & semi-paleolithic lifestyle practiced in south korea

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my very first acai bowl! and i love love love it! 2 notesReblog
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i feel very weak these days. not physically, but emotionally. i do not how to deal with this.

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raw fruit vegan diet??

I’m seriously considering if I should try out raw fruit vegan diet. It’s easy, although buying fruits would cost me so much, and I feel like I can really do this. I’ve been off my diet for a while, and I really need something new to motivate myself, and I think this might be it. 
I just don’t know where to start and how much to eat.
If anyone has an idea of how to start this diet and is now following it and sees the result, I would LOVE to hear from you!!!! 

I really want to shed off some pounds and feel more energetic and motivated!!! 

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Every morning, even before I wake up, I subconsciously think about how fat, ugly and unwanted I am (always) and begin to hate myself. This is ridiculous, I know. But what more can you do as and extremely body-conscious person? 

It’s always the same. I wake up and open my eyes and think, ‘Why am I not beautiful? Why am I so fat and ugly?’ 

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I am so stressed out to find out that I have gained weight. I mean, I have eaten more lately and am on my period, but UGH I hate to see myself gain weight. It really, literally depresses me. I know I shouldn’t fast or starve, but all I can think of doing when I am bloated, fat, and ugly is to eat as little as possible and work out like a maniac. 
So insecure. I hate being insecure. Why am I so uncomfortable with myself and my body and my everything?!

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For me, drinking water is REALLY HARD. I used to not drink water at all (or any other kinds of beverages in general) and survive for few days feeling just fine. Then people told me about how good your body feels, your skin gets, etc., which made me decide to drink 2L of water each day. I think it definitely helps me prevent bloating. Also, I really dislike going to public bathrooms when I’m outside, so I try my best to not drink so much so I need to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes. (plus there aren’t that many public bathrooms available in Korea)But these are all just excuses. I WILL DRINK WATER FROM NOW ON AGAIN. IT WILL BE MY TEA, COFFEE, SODA, AND ALL THE OTHER BEVERAGES.  0 notesReblog